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NIMH Children and Mental Health Resource Available in Spanish

April 9, 2019 Emily Taylor

A Spanish version of NIMH’s Children and Mental Health brochure,”Los niños y la salud mental,” is now available online. This resource on children’s mental health includes information for parents and other caregivers on when to seek help, evaluation, treatment, choosing a mental health professional and advice on how to work a child’s school as well as other resources.

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Early Childhood Development

April 1, 2019 Emily Taylor

Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child has published a new online resource, “What is Early Childhood Development? A Guide to the Science” that explains how children develop in their earliest years, why that time period is so important, and the practical ways we can support early childhood development (ECD) and improve outcomes for children and families. The guide includes brief summaries of key findings and how they can guide policymakers and program developers to improve outcomes for children and families, as well as videos and other related resources.

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Texting and Social Media Help Children of Divorced Parents Stay in Touch

March 15, 2019 Emily Taylor

Recent research looked at how parent-child relationships are affected by different types of co-parenting after divorce. The researchers identified three styles of co-parenting: cooperative;moderately engaged; and conflicted. They also looked at specific aspects of the parent-child relationship: parental warmth and closeness; parental knowledge of the child; and consistency of discipline. They found that the relationship between the parents was less important than the amount of contact between parent and child. For older children and teens, the use of texting and social media facilitates the direct contact between child and parent when they live apart.

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Depression Diagnosis Often Missed for Children with Autism

March 14, 2019 Emily Taylor

This recent article from eparent, an online publication for parents of children with disabilities and special health care needs, discusses a tendency for depression to be overlooked in children with autism. The Autism Comorbidity Interview (ACI) screening tool has been developed to help address with diagnosis.

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The State of Babies Yearbook 2019

March 14, 2019 Emily Taylor

Research published last month by Child Trends and Zero to Three compiles and examines more than 60 policies and indicators related to infant and toddler well-being to rank states by how effectively they support children during their first three years.

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Trauma-Informed Schools Terms Dictionary from Connecticut

March 6, 2019 Emily Taylor

Connecticut’s Trauma-Informed School Mental Health Task Force created “Developing a Common Language in Connecticut: A Dictionary of Terms Related to Trauma-Informed Schools” to address the need for a common language for school-based practitioners, community-based providers and state government stakeholders to use. They followed the structure used in the “Glossary of Terms Related to Trauma-Informed, Integrated Healthcare,” published by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network in 2018.

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Childhood Social-Emotional Functioning Linked To Early-Onset Mental Health Conditions

March 5, 2019 Emily Taylor

Research published in JAMA Network Open looked at a group of more than 34,000 children in British Columbia, Canada from birth to age 14. The researchers found a correlation between teacher-ratings for social-emotional challenges at kindergarten and physician-assessed mental health conditions by age 14. The researchers recommend further studies on preventative interventions in the early school years.

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Mental Health Trial Bringing Mindfulness Program to Schools in England

February 21, 2019 Emily Taylor

The British Department of Education and Department of Health and Social Care are beginning a three year trial program focused on mental health in up to 370 schools in England. A universal prevention and intervention program, the trials will test five interventions:mindfulness, relaxation, strategies for safety and well-being, and an existing intervention from Canada called “the guide” and another from Sweden known as “youth aware of mental health.” The trials are being led by the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families.

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Gauging how family, community impact children’s mental health

February 21, 2019 Emily Taylor

Researchers, Wenhua Lu, an assistant professor of childhood studies at Rutgers University–Camden, and Yunyu Xiao, a researcher at New York University, have co-authored a study looking at factors that help to mitigate the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The results of their surveys of parents indicated a “significant direct relationship” between family cohesion and community involvement and lower levels of mental health disorders during adolescence for youth who experienced ACEs.

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One in Six U.S. Kids Has Mental Health Disorder

February 15, 2019 Emily Taylor

According to a recent study of data from the 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health, one in six kids has at least one mental health disorder and only half receive mental health treatment.

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