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  • The Implementation Guide is written in accessible, non-technical language, and contains information provided by NWI members with the highest levels of expertise in various aspects of implementation. The Implementation Guide is designed to provide a "road map" for those in program and system oversight roles for wraparound, to help keep them focused on the range of important issues in overseeing effective wraparound practice.
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  • The User's Guide was created to serve as a "road map" for family members; however, many communities find it is helpful as a way to introduce any stakeholder to wraparound. The Guide describes what families can expect from the wraparound process, provides definitions of key wraparound terms, and responds to common concerns that arise during the wraparound process.
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  • La Guía del Usuario fue creada para que funcionara como "hoja de ruta" para los miembros de la familia. Dentro de la Guía, primero verá algunos de los resúmenes básicos del proceso del wraparound, una lista de términos comunes sobre el wraparound, detalles sobre el proceso del wraparound y notas sobre cómo solucionar problemas comunes que ocurren.
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