Upcoming NWI Webinars

The NWI presents web-based trainings and technical assistance sessions about high-quality Wraparound implementation, and the organizational and system supports that facilitate it. Presentations from national experts and NWI advisors last one hour, including time for audience questions. Please note all start and end times are Pacific Standard Time (PST).

The Document Assessment and Review Tool (DART): New Approach to Assessing Fidelity and Quality of Wraparound Care Coordination

Date: February 05, 2020

Time: 10:00 am - 11:15 am


  • Philip H. Benjamin, Research Study Supervisor,
  • Eric J. Bruns, Professor and Principal Investigator, and
  • Lydia Andris, Evaluation Specialist.

Location: Online

Webinar Description:

As Wraparound implementation continues to expand into services for youth with complex needs, quality fidelity measures must be implemented to ensure consistency. During this webinar, we will review DART, the newest tool of the Wraparound Assessment and Fidelity System (WFAS), established by the Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team (WERT).

There will be a thorough discussion of the background and context for the development of DART. We will review each section and how they correspond to the key elements of Wraparound, and how they differ from other Wraparound fidelity measures.