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Parents Billed for Costs of Foster Care

January 21, 2022 | NWI

A recent investigation found that it’s common in every state for parents to get a bill for the cost of foster care. Those bills can bury parents in debt and make it harder to create the stable home they need to get their children back – and to keep them from being taken again.

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Evidence for Culturally Specific/Responsive Programs in Child Welfare

January 21, 2022 | NWI

Children and families of color are disproportionately represented in the child welfare system. This brief provides an overview of 10 culturally specific and two culturally responsive programs and services designed by tribal communities and communities of color and the evidence for each.

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Fear of Coming Out for LGBTQ+ Youth in Foster Care

November 14, 2021 | NWI

This editorial in USA Today argues that, for many LGBTQ+ young people living in foster care, celebrating their identity openly could have dire consequences. It is fear of these consequences that silences LGBTQ+ young people and creates an invisible population that is overrepresented in foster care.

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Family First Planning and Implementation Toolkits

October 17, 2021 | NWI

These toolkits are designed to help jurisdictions capitalize on the opportunities provided under the Family First Prevention Services Act. Part 1 focuses on planning and readiness, and Part 2 focuses on implementation and change management.

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Preventing Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Involvement

September 12, 2021 | NWI

This report explores a variety of approaches to prevention, hoping to promote “upstream” efforts and work across systems and in partnership with youth, families and communities in a new and impactful manner.

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Youth Experiences of Institutional Placements in Foster Care

September 12, 2021 | NWI

This report shares the stories and insights of youth with lived experience in foster care and institutional placements, and provides their perspectives on reforming or ending these living situations.

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Washington State Moving Toward Abolishing Foster Care

July 10, 2021 | NWI

Poor outcomes and disproportionate impacts on kids of color have propelled a once-fringe idea into the mainstream in Washington state.

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Growing Up in the Foster Care System

July 10, 2021 | NWI

A young adult who grew up in the foster care system describes her experiences and what helped her on her journey of healing in this opinion piece published in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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Race-Blind Decision Making Could Reduce Disparities in the Child Welfare System

April 18, 2021 | NWI

This article discusses results of an experiment by the Office of Child and Family Services in Nassau County, New York, to institute race-blind decision-making about removing children from their homes to reduce the overrepresentation of Black children in foster care.

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Pandemic Expansion of Telehealth Has Improved Access for Kids in Child Welfare System: Report

February 8, 2021 | Maria Hermsen-Kritz

This report details the findings of a new survey out of New York, which shows that the expansion of telehealth, due to lifted restrictions since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, has resulted in better access to mental health care for families involved in the state’s child welfare system.

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