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New Resource Adds to our Understanding of National Big Picture of Wraparound

December 05, 2019 | Janet Walker

I want to draw your attention to a new resource that is a valuable addition to our understanding of the national big picture of Wraparound. Last month, SAMHSA published a report entitled Intensive Care Coordination for Children and Youth with Complex Mental and Substance Use Disorders. Despite the use of the more generic term “intensive care coordination” in the title, the report mainly focuses on Wraparound, and provides information about implementation of programs in 40 states (and some smaller jurisdictions) grouped into three categories: sustainability phase, implementation phase and pre-implementation phase. The report contains specific information on eligibility criteria, evidence-based screening tools, evidence-based practices, credentialing requirements for care coordinators, integration with physical health care services, role of psychiatry in ICC, financing mechanisms including Medicaid vehicles and managed care organizations, rates and billing structure, staff training and tracking outcomes. This report not only provides a brief overview of the nation’s ICC implementation landscape but also details the specifics of implementation enabling interested states to expand and improve ICC strategies.