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New Report from WERT Provides Benchmarks for the WFI-EZ

August 30, 2021 | Janet Walker

Users of the Wraparound Fidelity Index-EZ will be pleased to learn that the Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team at the University of Washington has released a brief report describing benchmarks that programs can use to interpret their WFI-WZ scores.

The benchmarks provide score ranges for Wraparound fidelity that is high, adequate, borderline and inadequate. Benchmarks are provided for the overall fidelity score, as well as scores in five sub-areas assessed by the WFI-EZ: outcomes based, effective teamwork, natural supports, needs based, and strength and family driven. Benchmarks are also provided for overall satisfaction. Different benchmarks are provided for interpreting scores from the youth and family forms, and from the care coordinator and other team member forms.

Access the benchmarks report »