Upcoming NWI Webinars

The NWI presents web-based trainings and technical assistance sessions about high-quality Wraparound implementation, and the organizational and system supports that facilitate it. Presentations from national experts and NWI advisors last one hour, including time for audience questions. Please note all start and end times are Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Practice, Organization, and System Standards for Wraparound: A new resource from the National Wraparound Initiative


Date: September 07, 2016

Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Eric J. Bruns and Jennifer Schurer Coldiron, University of Washington Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team and National Wraparound Implementation Center (WERT)

Webinar Description:

Implementation (or quality improvement) of Wraparound Care Coordination requires attention at multiple levels – it is not enough to simply “train and hope.” In order to achieve and maintain adherence to the Wraparound model and achieve positive outcomes, Wraparound initiatives must take steps to build supportive program and system conditions, including mechanisms for staff skill development, effective supervision, connection to effective services, accountability, and much more.

Decades of research has provided us with guidance about how best to mobilize a workforce to deliver high-quality Wraparound and evaluate implementation success, but until now this information has not been well-integrated in a readily-accessible way for Wraparound providers to use to understand such expectations and “stay on track.”

In this webinar, the UW Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team (WERT) will present a new resource of the National Wraparound Initiative (NWI) – a comprehensive summary of Practice, Organization, and System Standards for Wraparound. The webinar will explain the development of these standards – still in draft form for review and pilot testing – and describe how to use the tool for Wraparound planning and self-assessment.