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WrapTrack Permissions

May 25, 2017 | Jeremy Becker

Question: I don’t know what the different roles WrapTrack provides mean, or what permissions they have. What do I do? Can I create my own?

Answer: WrapTrack is pre-loaded with specific roles. Each role has its own specific permissions that allow users to perform functions in WrapTrack (e.g., data entry, export data, generates reports, etc.). Of course, different roles have different permissions, but WrapTrack also allows you to create your own custom roles that can do pretty much whatever you would like.
Configuration Administrators and Project Wide Admins can go to Menu, Admin, Administrative tool, and select the Roles then Add/Edit Roles tab to create a custom role. Create a Role Name for your custom role (e.g., intern, data entry, report generator, etc.), and click “Add”. You’ll then be prompted to select a role WrapTrack already provides to provide the equivalent permissions. It’s okay if you don’t know what each WrapTrack role does, because after you create the role, you can navigate to the Permissions tab to customize what your new role can do! Most roles can achieve their purpose with the “Project Wide Admin” and “Project Manager” roles.
Under the Permissions tab, use the drop down window to select your new custom role. You can then navigate the tabs and items within those tabs to indicate what permissions this role has. For example the “WFI-EZ Tool” tab has three relevant items within it (WFI-EZ Tools, WFI-EZ Data Export, WFI-EZ Reports). You can click each item and select any boxes in the right-hand box that you’d like that role to have.
Let’s say we’ve created a Data Entry role. Users with the Data Entry role should be able to access the WFI-EZ forms (Click the WFI-EZ Tool tab, then WFI-EZ Tools in the bottom left window. Be sure each form type is selected. Now, the Data Entry person may not have a need to export data or generate reports, so navigating through the same bottom left box under the WFI-EZ Tool, click the WFI-EZ Data Export and WFI-EZ Reports subtabs one at a time, and uncheck the functions that appear in the bottom right box. When you’re done, click save and your Data Entry role will be set to go! Conveniently, even though the Data Entry role has an equivalent role, it’s respective equivalent role’s permissions will not change, even though the Data Entry permissions did. You can replicate this process to create roles that make sense to you and your team.

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Why doesn’t all of my data download when I export it from WrapTrack?

May 4, 2017 | Jeremy Becker

QUESTION: I keep trying to download all my data, but when I do some cases do not show up. Why would this happen?

ANSWER: A possible reason for this occurring is because some youths may have had their status updated as “Discharged”. Currently, when youth are notated as Discharged, their data are not included when Exported or Reporting. If you want to add these cases to your data, their status needs to be updated again to “Enrolled”. As an aside, to avoid this issue completely, do not classify any cases as “Discharged” until you are sure those data are no longer needed in reports.

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How to Find Youth Records

April 13, 2017 | Jeremy Becker

QUESTION: We have a lot of youth records and it takes a long time to scroll through existing records. Is there a way to do this more quickly?

ANSWER: There is. Under the Quick Links portion of your Dashboard, there is a link called “Find a Youth Record”. When selected, you can search a youth record either by name or Wrap ID. Further, there are search options you can use. When “Starts with” is selected, you can put the first letter, or first few of the youth’s last name, and a search will turn up all youths who meet those letters. From here you can select the proper youth.

You can also select “Contains” when looking up youth records. If you know part of a Wrap ID (e.g., 546Z), you can search that and all youth that meet those criteria will be displayed.

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Why can’t I modify youth forms?

March 23, 2017 | Jeremy Becker

QUESTION: I’m new to the WrapTrack website and cannot see/add/modify cases/forms – what should I do?

ANSWER: A common answer to this is that because you are new, your site’s WrapTrack Configuration Administrator has not yet granted you permission to access, add or modify youth records and forms in the WrapTrack website. To fix this, your WrapTrack Configuration Administrator needs to log in with their credentials and give you permission. From there, you can then do your permissible duties within WrapTrack!

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Why can’t I log into my WrapTrack Account

March 2, 2017 | Jeremy Becker

QUESTION: I have a Wraptrack account, but I the website will not let me log in. How can I resolve this?

ANSWER: There are a few possibilities if this occurs. If there is a message when you log in that states “Your account has been disabled,” your sites’ Wraptrack administrator may have disabled your account, which would bar you from logging into Wraptrack to update/add new forms. To address this, your administrator needs to log into his/her Wraptrack account, Select Admin → Administrative Tool → Select the Users tab → Manage users → Click your status (which would be ‘Disabled’), and select Enable. You will now be allowed to log back into Wraptrack.

If you get a message that your password is not accepted, it may be that your password has expired and needs to be updated. To do so, log in as normal and select the “Forgot Password?” link and you will be directed to a screen asking for your current password, a new password, and a confirmation of your new password, and the answer to your Security Question. After completing this step, you will receive and email from the Wraptrack website that your password has been updated. Then you are able to log back into Wraptrack with your new password.

Are there any issues you’ve been having with Wraptrack you don’t see here? Let us know!

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