Latest Wraparound Research

This page highlights recent Wraparound research. For full text of research articles and reports, access the NWI's resource library and browse "Wraparound overall -> research and evaluation." For a quick summary of the research on Wraparound's effectiveness, see the article from the Resource Guide on the evidence base. For an overview of Wraparound research, please see the NWI's comprehensive review of Wraparound literature, 1988 - 2012.

Wraparound is Worth Doing Well: An Evidence-Based Statement

Bruns, E. (2015). Wraparound is worth doing well: An evidence-based statement. In E. J. Bruns & J. S. Walker (Eds.), The resource guide to Wraparound. Portland, OR: National Wraparound Initiative.

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Parent Engagement and Family Peer Support Services in Wraparound

Citation: Gopalan, G., Horen, M. J., Pardue-Kim, M., & Meteyer, S. (2015). Parent Engagement and Family Peer Support Services in Wraparound. Baltimore, MD: University of Maryland School of Social Work, The Institute for Innovation and Implementation.

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