Peer Parent Support: Evolution, Promises and Challenges

May 12, 2020 | Maria Hermsen-Kritz

Peer Parent Support and the Wraparound Process are both multi-faceted, complex and transformational strategies within Children’s Behavioral Health. They show significant promise in terms of building family resiliency and recovery and are often linked at local sites. But implementation challenges can dilute efforts when individuals are not clear about the power and purpose of each. This results in families not getting the right balance between intervention and support, and may interrupt the potential of linking the two.

This webinar recording provides an overview of high quality and purposeful peer support for parents, as well as a brief history of how Peer Parent Support has been integrated into Wraparound projects. Presenters provided an evolution of peer parent support and the various ways it has been implemented within a Wraparound structure. Presenters discussed the history of implementation strategies that have been tried over the past twenty-five years, reviewing challenges and lessons learned.