Keeping Wrap on Track: A Panel of Large-Scale Wraparound Evaluation Efforts

March 08, 2024 | NWI

Since its launch in late 2020, WrapStat has become a repository for Wraparound implementation and outcomes data for over 20 states and 100 Wraparound provider organizations. WrapStat supports use of the measures of the Wraparound Fidelity Assessment System (WFAS) and provides data to help state and local systems of care stay on track. WrapStat also provides opportunities for consistent data collection that allow for research and evaluation of Wraparound nationally.

In this webinar, UW WERT will highlight a handful of successful statewide evaluation efforts that use measures of the Wraparound Fidelity Assessment System (WFAS), such as the Wraparound Fidelity Index – Short Form (WFI-EZ) and the Team Observation Measure (TOM2.0), as well as the accompanying WrapStat database system. Evaluation leaders include Michelle Moreno from Illinois, Arturo Calderon from New Mexico, and Danielle Philips from Oregon. They will describe how they approached decisions around WrapStat configuration, eligibility criteria, timelines for data collection and reporting, WFAS tool selection, and staffing and training for fidelity monitoring efforts. The webinar will leave time for participants to ask questions of presenters and WERT team members.