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TOM 2.0 Now Integrated with WrapTrack

June 26, 2018 | Emily Taylor

The Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team (WERT) is excited to announce that the Team Observation Measure, Version 2.0 (TOM 2.0) has been built into their online data entry and reporting system, WrapTrack. Users can now enter their TOM 2.0 data into the system and run automatic reports to calculate total and subscale scores across care coordinators and organizations.

The TOM 2.0 is designed to assess adherence to standards of high-quality Wraparound observed during team meeting sessions. It consists of 36 indicators, organized into seven subscales – five dedicated to the key implementation elements of Wraparound (as trained by the National Wraparound Implementation Center and assessed by the WFI-EZ), one that evaluates meeting attendance, and one that assesses facilitation skills.

1. Full Meeting Attendance

2. Effective Teamwork

3. Driven by Strengths and Families

4. Based on Priority Needs

5. Use of Natural and Community Supports

6. Outcomes-Based Process

7. Skilled Facilitation

For more information about the TOM 2.0 and WrapTrack visit WERT’s website»