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Putting the Outcomes-Based Principle into Action Part One: A Guide for Wraparound Care Coordinators (2016)
Author: Schurer Coldiron, J., Hensley, S. W., Bruns, E. B. & Paragoris, R.
This guide, authored by TA Network core partners WERT, NWI and NWIC, provides concrete guidance for Wraparound care coordinators on how to apply the essential Wraparound principle of being outcomes-based. It includes information on why routinely and systematically measuring progress and using that information to rapidly adjust a plan of care is a core component of a high quality Wraparound and clinical practice. In addition, it discusses details on ways to be outcomes-based during every phase and activity of the Wraparound process.
Keywords: progress, track, plan, team rating, assessment, measure, pubs2016