Bonnie Evans

Bonnie Evans

Job Title: Wraparound Trainer and Coach, The Texas Center, National Wraparound Implementation Center (NWIC)


Member Since: 2018

Bonnie Evans is involved in all things Wraparound for the state of Texas. Whether it is training or coaching support for care coordinators, Wraparound supervisors, program managers, or collaborating with various state stakeholders, every day at work is unique. As the lead Wraparound Trainer and Coach at the Texas Center of the Institute for Innovation and Implementation at the University of Maryland, School of Social Work, Bonnie is determined to provide the best support she can, realizing the powerful impact high quality Wraparound has for Texan youth and families.

She describes Wraparound as “complex and yet common sense.” Although she acknowledges it is a challenge to implement Wraparound well, she is committed to the goal. She points to encouraging signs of progress in Texas, such as a growingly supportive infrastructure, and values of those involved across all stakeholders that align with Wraparound.

Bonnie grew up in a small country town in rural Victoria, Australia, before moving to India for a couple of years to finish school. She moved to Melbourne, Australia to complete her higher education, and then worked as a researcher and psychologist in different school settings. After marrying, she came to the States and worked as an implementation specialist for a suicide prevention and Medicaid waiver program. Bonnie’s work experience has helped give her an understanding of different research, practice, and policy perspectives.

She has been working in Wraparound in Texas since June 2014, before moving into her role as a Wraparound Trainer and Coach for the Texas Center and NWIC. Bonnie travels all over Texas (which she says does feel like another country altogether!) providing Wraparound coaching and training support, and state support around data collection, implementation practice, and overall understanding of Wraparound. She is excited for this next chapter in Texas that is focused on growing in quality.

Outside of her work, Bonnie enjoys spending time with her husband and their young son, enjoying Austin’s many restaurants (more often toddler-friendly takeout these days!), and being part of their local church community.