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Latest Wraparound Research Available on NWI Site

March 23, 2018 | Emily Taylor

The NWI site’s Latest Wraparound Research page has been updated with the most recently published research articles including the following:

  • Yohannan, J., Carlson, J. S., Shepherd, M., & Batsche-McKenzie, K. (2017). Exploring attrition, fidelity, and effectiveness of wraparound services among low-income youth of different racial backgrounds. Families, Systems & Health: The Journal of Collaborative Family Healthcare, 35(4), 430-438.
  • Snyder, A., Marton, J., McLaren, S., Feng, B., Zhou, M. (2017). Do high fidelity Wraparound services for youth with serious emotional disturbances save money in the long-term? The Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics, (20), 167-175.
  • Walker, J. S., Seibel, C. L., & Jackson, S. (2017). Increasing Youths’ Participation in Team-Based Treatment Planning: The Achieve My Plan Enhancement for Wraparound. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 26(8), 1–11.