SOC Expansion Leadership Learning Community: Why Social Marketing Matters


SOC Expansion Leadership Learning Community: Why Social Marketing Matters


Location: Online

Date/ Start Time: 01/18/2017, 11:30 am


Sponsor: SAMHSA

Event Description:

This month’s Learning Community Meeting will focus on using a social marketing/communications approach to expand systems of care (SOC) and the importance of National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day (Awareness Day). Most SAMHSA SOC expansion grantees are required to develop a social marketing/communication plan to support their overall goals. This Learning Community webinar will provide information on the social marketing planning process and the importance of Awareness Day as an annual focal point for outreach and communications. The webinar will demonstrate the practical application of social marketing theory during Awareness Day planning and implementation, and how it provides year-round opportunities that help sites raise awareness, develop partnerships, create audience engagement, and more. The webinar will feature examples of Awareness Day social marketing activities from communities, as well as a preview of national activities planned for 2017. Participants will have the opportunity for questions and dialogue about communications plans and activities with the Social Marketing TA Team, as well as a SOC expansion grantee.