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2019 National Wraparound Implementation Academy Keynote Announced

June 11, 2019 | Emily Taylor

Dr. Andrew Zabel, a clinical neuropsychologist, will give the keynote address, “Neurospsychology for Wraparound Teams” at the 2019 National Wraparound Implementation Academy. Dr. Zabel has spent the past 30 years in various professional treatment and assessment roles involving children and adolescents, including residential treatment, foster care, community-based rehabilitation, and hospital-based clinical neuropsychology. Through these experiences, Dr. Zabel has gained an appreciation of the interplay of children’s brains and their environments.While patterns of brain development often equip children to meet the evolving demands of school and life, the balance between brain development and increased environmental expectations can easily be “thrown off” around key transition points. These “out of sync” periods can contribute to behavioral and emotional challenges for children and the community members that support them.

Dr. Zabel will share his top ten list of brain science’s “greatest hits” that every Wraparound team member should know. He will highlight patterns of brain development that occur over childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood, and discuss their relevance to the individual’s transition into the roles and responsibilities adulthood.

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