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July 27, 2023

Greetings from the National Wraparound Initiative

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New Blog: Examining the WFI-EZ

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NWI Resources and News

New Blog: Examining the WFI-EZ

For more than 10 years, sites around the country have used the Wraparound Fidelity Index, Short Version (WFI-EZ) to provide information about the quality of the Wraparound they provide, and to guide improvement efforts. Despite its widespread use, however, a published study of the psychometrics, reliability, and validity of the WFI-EZ has not previously been available – until now. This new blog describes findings and implications from a new article examining the reliability and validity of the WFI-EZ.

New Recorded Webinar: Insights from WrapStat Data

Since its launch in late 2020, WrapStat has become a repository for data on Wraparound implementation and outcomes. WrapStat now includes data for nearly 10,000 fidelity assessments from the Wraparound Fidelity Index (WFI-EZ). An NWI blog and recorded webinar explore insights enabled by this wealth of WrapStat data points.

Animated Video Supports Wraparound Data Collection

In West Virginia, the statewide Wraparound initiative is committed to collecting – and using – data on outcomes, fidelity, and provider and system readiness. As part of this effort, West Virginia has created this new video, which explains the WFI-EZ survey process for caregivers and staff in clear, accessible language, complete with animations. Read the new blog about the video, and then watch it!

News from the Field

The following are NWI staff selections of recent news items of interest to the Wraparound community:

  • Why Youth Incarceration Fails: Evidence Review
  • Bringing Kinship Care Out of the Shadows
  • "Anti-Dopamine Parenting" Can Curb Children’s Cravings
  • Foster Care’s Disruptive Impact on Sibling Relationships
  • Mental Health and Schools: Best Practices to Support Our Students

Events and Opportunities

Webinar: Reducing Risk for Suicidal Behavior in Youth

Date/Time: July 31, 2023, 9am PT / 12pm ET

This webinar will describe how both positive and negative attentional biases may contribute to suicide risk, introduce the Broaden and Build theory of positive emotions, and provide specific strategies to increase attention to positive emotions and experiences to reduce risk for suicidal behavior.

Webinar: Social Media and Youth: Pathways to Resilience

Date/Time: August 1, 2023, 3pm PT / 6pm ET

In this webinar, leaders in the fields of social science research, mental health and youth advocacy will explore the risk factors and benefits of social media for young people, and identify strategies for fostering a more empowered, healthier relationship with this technology. Participants will learn strategies that encourage young people to engage in self-regulation, self-reflection, and self-awareness in the digital environment.

Webinar: Wrapping Around Youth and Families Impacted by Gang and Gun Violence

Date/Time: August 1 or 3, 2023, 11am PT / 2pm ET

Black children are five times as likely to die from gunfire as their White peers. This series will focus on how grass-roots care systems can wrap around youth and families impacted by gang and gun violence. Participants will hear from first responders who are not traditionally funded by systems of care and are doing the most vital work, including faith-based, mental health, substance use treatment, peer support, research, and street outreach perspectives.

Webinar: Person-Centered Supervision

Date/Time: August 15, 2023, 7:45am PT / 10:45am ET

Being person-centered means sharing power and decision-making as much as it is possible in any given context. Taking a person-centered approach to supervision improves the supervisory relationship and promotes self-efficacy and growth among supervisees. This webinar explores how being person-centered might show up in supervision as well as the benefits and strategies for collaborating with supervisees to increase performance and job satisfaction.

Order Publications from the NWI

Printed copies of the following publications can be ordered from the NWI:

  • Wraparound Process User's Guide: A Handbook for Families
  • Manual del Usuario del Proceso de Wraparound (Asistencia Integral): Una Guía para Familias (Spanish Version of The Wraparound Process User's Guide)


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