Welcome to the Resource Guide to Wraparound—a collection of articles, tools, and resources that represent the expertise, experience, and shared work of the members of the National Wraparound Initiative. In the Resource Guide, you will find a variety of different types of contributions, including:
  • Central products from the National Wraparound Initiative, including descriptions of the wraparound principles and practice model;
  • Examples of how different communities and programs have implemented wraparound and supported its implementation;
  • Stories from youth, families, and communities;
  • Review articles about the theory and effectiveness of wraparound; and
  • Appendices containing tools and resources that can be used in everyday practice.

This Guide is a work in progress, and our intention is to update and expand the contents to reflect the ongoing evolution of thinking about wraparound's philosophy, practice, and implementation. If you have comments, or if you would like to offer materials to be included in future editions of the Guide, please contact us at

Currently, the Guide is only available electronically on this website.

Some of the chapters in the Resource Guide have been produced through the full NWI consensus process, the remainder have been peer reviewed through the NWI. Please see the individual chapter for more information.

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