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Brad Norman

Brad Norman is the Director of the EMQ Family Partnership Institute and a member of the National Wraparound Initiative. Mr. Norman provides technical assistance and training across the state of California as a Wraparound Consultant for the California Department of Social Services. He participated in the development of the Wraparound standards for the state of California.

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Trina Osher

Trina W. Osher co-chairs the Family Task Force of the National Wraparound Initiative. She is a recognized leader in the family movement, working to promote family-driven practice by building collaborative alliances between families and the programs, agencies, and systems that serve their children.

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Brian Pagkos

Brian Pagkos is the senior evaluator at Community Connections of New York, a grassroots non-profit quality management organization in Buffalo. He is on his way to completing a doctorate in Social Welfare at the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York. Professionally, his focus is on providing evaluation users with pragmatic and utility-focused solutions to assist them in providing best practices.

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Scott Palmer

Scott Palmer is a clinical and research psychologist, served for four years as clinical director for Connecting Circles of Care, a culture-based wraparound program. He is currently the Systems Performance Research Evaluations Manager for Butte County Behavioral Health.

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Marlene Penn

Marlene Penn's initial experience on care planning teams was as the parent of her own child. She subsequently became an advocate for other families and trains and coaches extensively on the role of the Family Partner on wraparound teams. Marlene served as one of the faculty members on the University of South Florida Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute Course "Wraparound Interventions and the System of Care" and is co-chair of the Family Partner Task Force of the National Wraparound Initiative.

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Tim Penrod

Tim Penrod is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of Child & Family Support Services, Inc. in Tempe, Arizona. In addition to managing a company of more than 150 employees that exclusively provides home-based and community-based direct support services, Tim has provided training and consulting services in wraparound and community-based care for the past six years. A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Arizona, Tim has written many materials regarding wraparound and direct support services and has provided training and consulting for thousands of individuals and more than a hundred social service agencies.

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Matt Pierce

Matt Pierce has been working with children/families for over ten years in a variety of different capacities. Matt has had the opportunity to hold positions within the wraparound context as a facilitator, direct support provider, supervisor, trainer, and as an administrator. Matt has also developed a variety of training materials, informational guides, and practice level tools to assist facilitators, supervisors and administrators in operationalizing the wraparound philosophy.

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Gerry Rodriguez

Gerry Rodriguez, Ph.D., is Associate Director of the EMQ Family Partnership Institute and a member of the National Wraparound Initiative. Dr. Rodriguez provides technical assistance and training across the state of California as a wraparound consultant for CDSS. She was the lead writer of the California State Wraparound Curricula.

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April Sather

April Sather works with Eric Bruns at the University of Washington, with the Wraparound Evaluation & Research Team. April coordinates various research activities and works closely with the Wraparound Fidelity Assessment System development and training.

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Simone Simpson

Simone Simpson helped start the Stonewall Alliance Youth Group for Connecting Circles of Care, a culture-based wraparound program. She currently is a researcher for FISHBIO Environmental, and is preparing for graduate school.

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Leyla Stambaugh

Leyla Stambaugh, Ph.D., conducted the first national survey of wraparound in the U.S. in 1999. She recently completed postdoctoral training with Barbara J. Burns, Ph.D., at Duke University, during which she examined wraparound outcomes from a CMHS system of care site in Nebraska. In 2007, she joined the Child and Family Program at RTI International as a Research Psychologist.

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Jesse Suter

Jesse Suter is a faculty member at the University of Vermont with interests in the research, development, and evaluation of community- and school-based programs for preventing and responding to emotional and behavioral challenges. He was introduced to wraparound by working with John Burchard on the Wraparound Fidelity Index, and he continues to work on the Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team with two other former students of John's: Eric Bruns and Kristen Leverntz-Brady.

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John Vandenberg

John VanDenBerg, Ph.D., managed the Alaska Youth Initiative, the first state-wide system-of-care-based wraparound effort. He is an international author, trainer, lecturer, and coach of high fidelity wraparound, and is currently the President of Vroon VanDenBerg LLP, a consulting firm specializing in high fidelity wraparound.

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Tang Judy Vang

Tang Judy Vang has served for four years as the clinician on the Hmong Team for Connecting Circles of Care, a culture-based wraparound program. She is currently finishing her PhD dissertation in the School of Social Work at Portland State University, and works for the University of Cali-18 Section 2: The Principles of Wraparound fornia, Davis AIDS Education and Training Center, increasing health awareness among culturally diverse groups in Northern California.

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Janet Walker

Dr. Walker is Director of Research and Dissemination for the Research and Training Center on Family Support and Children's Mental Health, and Senior Research Associate at the Regional Research Institute at Portland State University. Her current research focuses on 1) exploring how individuals and organizations acquire capacity to implement and sustain high quality practice in human service settings, 2) describing key implementation factors that affect the ability of organizations and individuals to provide high quality services and treatment, and 3) developing and evaluating interventions to increase the extent to which youth with emotional or mental health difficulties are meaningfully involved in care and treatment planning. Together with Dr. Eric Bruns, Dr. Walker co-directs the National Wraparound Initiative.

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Daedalys Wilson

Daedalys Wilson, who has a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy, has served as the clinician on the African American team for Connecting Circles of Care, a culture-based wraparound program. Beginning fall 2011, he will be teaching a graduate course on multicultural counseling at California State University, Chico.

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