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Eric Daleiden

Eric Daleiden is the Chief Operating Officer of PracticeWise, LLC and is one of the chief architects of the PracticeWise products and services. Dr. Daleiden's recent efforts focus on the application of behavioral and information technologies to develop tools and processes for compiling, delivering, monitoring, and managing the products of scientific discovery in behavioral health systems.

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Alva De La Torre-Pena

Alva De La Torre-Pena has more than five years of experience as the clinician for the Latino Team for Connecting Circles of Care, a culture-based wraparound program. She is a Psy.D candidate in Forensic Psychology at Alliant International University, Sacramento.

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Andrew Debicki

Andrew Debicki, B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W., is the Regional Wraparound Coordinator for Hamilton and Brantford, Ontario. He has been doing wraparound since 1993. Andrew is the Co-Chair of the Wraparound Association of Ontario and is working with Wrap Canada to lead the development of wraparound across the country. He is also an external partner with Vroon VanDenBerg, LLP. Since 1996 he has trained across Canada and more recently in Norway.

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Jerry Doyle

Mr. Doyle is the Chief Executive Officer of EMQ Children & Family Services, California's most comprehensive mental health agency serving children and their families, and home to California's first intensive wraparound program. 1996, Mr. Doyle successfully worked with system partners to pass state legislation creating funding for this program as a demonstration project. This wraparound demonstration project, because of its successful outcomes, has now been expanded statewide and is in fact a required program offering in every county in California.

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Lucille Eber

Dr. Eber is State Director of the Illinois Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Network, sponsored by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). This Network coordinates technical assistance and evaluation related to school-wide PBIS in over 700 Illinois schools and includes implementation of wraparound and interagency initiatives for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities (EBD).  Formerly the Deputy Director of the La Grange Area Department of Special Education (LADSE), Dr. Eber directed LADSE's Project WRAP from 1990 to 1996, which led to restructuring special education services for students with EBD into the wraparound-based EBD Network. Dr. Eber is a former board member of both the Illinois Federation of Families and the national Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health.

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Darrell Evora

Darrell Evora is the President and Chief Operating Officer for EMQ Children and Family Services. Darrell was previously EMQ’s statewide Wraparound Division Director and was responsible for all aspects of developing and implementing individualized care services and ensuring their clinical quality, effectiveness, and fiscal management. Darrell is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with Master Degrees in both Business Administration and Counseling Psychology from the University of Santa Clara.

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John Franz

John Franz, a former school teacher and legal advocate for children and families, now works with communities and agencies around the United States, helping them develop more integrated, strength-based and family-centered systems of care.

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Joyce Gonzales

Joyce Gonzales a leader in the local Native American community, led cultural competence efforts for Connecting Circles of Care for five years, and co-founded CCOC, Inc., a non-profit technical assistance and training agency. It specializes in trainings on implementing wraparound systems of care with a focus on cultural competency.

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John Grieco

John Grieco is a Coordinator of Mental Disabilities for the Erie County Department of Health. He has a Master's Degree and is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor with 13 years of experience in direct service prior to starting his career in county government in 2001. He was Interim Project Director of Family Voices Network of Erie County from the Fall 2008 until Summer 2009.  Utilizing clinical experience and data management skills, John has helped to further the Department's goals of utilizing data informed practice and quality improvement management practices in the delivery of human services.

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Aggie Hale

Aggie Hale is the information technologies consultant to Wraparound Milwaukee, one of the initial system-of-care grantees. She directed the development of their Synthesis software, which is used both in-house and by other wraparound initiatives, and provides technical assistance and training to these other sites during implementation of new IT systems.

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Kim Holbrook

Kim Holbrook is the lead family contact for Connecting Circles of Care (CCOC), a culture-based wraparound program. Her family’s benefiting from wraparound services has led to her serving over five years in CCOC as well as her working toward a law degree to enhance her advocacy for youth with special needs.

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Bob Jones

Bob Jones was the developer and director of the King County Blended Funding Project that consolidated funding to support plans created by families for the care of their children. He has worked as a director of a residential treatment program and as a mental health planner. He is currently working for Washington State Division of Children and Family Services as a planner and program developer for children with serious emotional problems.

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Joan Kernan

Joan B. Kernan is the Evaluator for Family Voices Network of Erie County, NY, a SAMHSA funded System of Care funded in 2004.  She has worked for the University at Buffalo’s Family Medicine Research Institute since 1998 as an evaluator, project director, data analyst and grant writer.  Before moving to Buffalo, NY, Joan worked in Rochester, NY for a hospital corporation as a computer programmer, systems analyst and project director.  Her primary research and evaluation interest is working with families to educate and interest them in data.

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Brian Lombrowski

Brian Lombrowski, M.P.P., is a former youth advocate, and current care coordinator/wraparound facilitator for the SAMHSA System of Care site in New York City through the Coordinated Children's Services Initiative.

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Debbie Manners

Debra Manners, LCSW, has worked in child welfare and mental health in California for over 30 years. Her commitment to children and families has resulted in her focusing on service strategies to ensure reliable help.

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Kenyetta Matthews

Kenyatta Matthews' nine-year experience with Wraparound Milwaukee has been very educational. She has worked with wraparound in several different capacities, and this has provided her with the skills necessary to continue to effectively advocate for children and families.

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Mary Jo Meyers

Mary Jo Meyers is the Deputy Director for Wraparound Milwaukee, a nationally recognized program for children and families involved in multiple systems, and is responsible for daily operations and work force development. Mary Jo also provides consultation, training and coaching to other states developing systems of care utilizing the concepts and principles of the wraparound process.

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Pat Miles

Patricia Miles is a consultant who lives in Oregon and helps communities, agencies, schools and others work to improve outcomes with people who are receiving public services.

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Kurt Moore

Kurt Moore is a researcher, psychotherapist, and teacher with experience in child, adolescent, and family mental health programs. As a Research Manager with Walter R. McDonald & Associates, Inc. (WRMA), he works with the Community Mental Health Services and the National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative evaluation projects

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