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Why can’t I log into my WrapTrack Account

March 02, 2017 | Jeremy Becker

QUESTION: I have a Wraptrack account, but I the website will not let me log in. How can I resolve this?

ANSWER: There are a few possibilities if this occurs. If there is a message when you log in that states “Your account has been disabled,” your sites’ Wraptrack administrator may have disabled your account, which would bar you from logging into Wraptrack to update/add new forms. To address this, your administrator needs to log into his/her Wraptrack account, Select Admin → Administrative Tool → Select the Users tab → Manage users → Click your status (which would be ‘Disabled’), and select Enable. You will now be allowed to log back into Wraptrack.

If you get a message that your password is not accepted, it may be that your password has expired and needs to be updated. To do so, log in as normal and select the “Forgot Password?” link and you will be directed to a screen asking for your current password, a new password, and a confirmation of your new password, and the answer to your Security Question. After completing this step, you will receive and email from the Wraptrack website that your password has been updated. Then you are able to log back into Wraptrack with your new password.

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