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How to Find Youth Records

April 13, 2017 | Jeremy Becker

QUESTION: We have a lot of youth records and it takes a long time to scroll through existing records. Is there a way to do this more quickly?

ANSWER: There is. Under the Quick Links portion of your Dashboard, there is a link called “Find a Youth Record”. When selected, you can search a youth record either by name or Wrap ID. Further, there are search options you can use. When “Starts with” is selected, you can put the first letter, or first few of the youth’s last name, and a search will turn up all youths who meet those letters. From here you can select the proper youth.

You can also select “Contains” when looking up youth records. If you know part of a Wrap ID (e.g., 546Z), you can search that and all youth that meet those criteria will be displayed.